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Whether you want to reach your new personal best in the gym or present a project splendidly in front of your colleagues, whether you want to push your self-confidence before an important meeting or simply take the day with a smile: We are there for you. Our Smart Energy Drink is produced with the highest standard and has a formula that is carefully put together, giving you strength and power to reach everything you can imagine. We are proud that Heavy 1 + is vegan friendly and halal certified.

Reach your top performance

Heavy 1+ Energy Drink contains taurine, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. Taurine facilitates the healthy metabolism by supporting the breakdown of fatty acids. Vitamin B6 reduces stress and depression and in combination with vitamin B12 also heightens your physical performance and protects you against diseases.

Taurine & Vitamins


Vegan and halal Certified

Our production process and the careful selection of ingredients enabled us to make an Energy Drink that shows respect to religious traditions and only has a minimal impact to the environment. Anyone who needs an extra push in life can enjoy our product without having to worry.

86,1% mineral water from the Vulkaneifel

The main ingredient of the Energy Drink Heavy 1+ is water; but it´s no ordinary water. We extract water from the Eifel. Using 86,1%  mineral water   brings a number of advantages like kidney protection and improved digestion!

Without dyestuffs Without aspartame clear as water

The first thing drawing your attention after pouring Heavy 1+ Energy Drink in a glass is its crystal clear color. We use absolutely no dyestuffs nor color enhancer because it is simply not needed. We believe that our selection of main ingredients aside from taurine, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 is just the right mixture for you and your wants. It gives you an edge in your daily activities, gets you to unlock your full potential and stops fear and worry to ruin your plans. You can enjoy all these amazing advantages knowing that our Energy Drink benefits your skin, your bones, your digestive system and your brain. Why should we use synthetic substances like aspartame if we can let you enjoy the sweetness of sugarcane? Give Heavy 1+ a shot. We hope you´ll like it!


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